The Miracle Mist Difference

The Miracle Mist Difference

With hypochlorous acid becoming more and more popular, we’re here to help you stay informed on how to tell the difference between a pure hypochlorous acid formula and one that is potentially acidified bleach.

This article will discuss the range in prices of hypochlorous acid and how you can use this to tell if you’re being ripped off, getting a steal or being scammed. We’ll also spill the secrets of HOCl ingredients and discuss why your HOCl formula should be in a black bottle.


When to Draw the Line

We know everyone loves a bargain – we do too – but when the bargain can compromise your skin barrier, is it really worth it? The cost of a HOCl spray is ranging from £2.99-£60 and with a formula as simple as HOCl, it’s hard to know when to draw the line on how much you should spend on it.

Our mini Miracle Mist (65ml) and Miracle Mist (100ml) range from £13.99-£16.99 and we offer 10% off your first order and have a subscription which gives you a discount every time. Why not try today to feel the difference?


The Secret is in the Ingredients

Within Skincare’s Miracle Mist is a pure HOCl formula and the way you can tell is by looking at the ingredients list. A pure HOCl formula should only contain the essential 3 ingredients, nothing more and nothing less.

  1. Aqua (water)
  2. Sodium chloride (salt)
  3. Hypochlorous acid

If it contains more, it’s not HOCl as it can’t be co-formulated with anything else.

If it contains less, chances are it’s acidified bleach.


The Difference a Bottle can Make

If you’re anything like us, using any excuse to spray HOCl, then you’ll go through your bottles like they’re going out of fashion. However, our black bottles prevent UV from inactivating the formula and ensure that your HOCl is optimised to stay active for as long as possible.

White bottles, even wrapped in plastic, allow UV to dysregulate HOCl, which could mean after a few weeks you could just be spraying water on your skin.  



With the amount of HOCl products on the market, it’s like a modern day Goldilocks tale trying to figure out how much is just right to spend on a product.

One thing other brands don’t have is HOCl produced by the global leaders in HOCl manufacture so we can say with confidence that our prices, formula and packaging are all just right.

Within News is full of essential HOCl information so don’t be shy, have a snoop and maybe even treat your skin to some Miracle Mist.